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Tajima1 Miniatures





We now offer a basing service for your existing armies using the Tajima1 method and products. All basing will be in line with the quality used for our commission projects, as seen throughout our gallery. Bases will benefit from generous use of our comprehensive range of scenic tufts,shrubs and base dressing materials as appropriate.

Tajima1 commission projects recieve many positive comments for the quality, detail and realism of the basing. Great basing can enhance even basically painted miniatures significantly and gives display standard minis the scenic platform they deserve.

Figures should be sent unbased (newly painted or already removed from old bases). All details are discussed in much the same way as regular full service commissions. When choosing bases, we recommend 2mm laser cut MDF which we can also source for you if required. Our method is not suitable for mounting card etc. We re-varnish old figures so that finished effect is durable.

Prices will vary from project to project but the table below will give a very rough guideline. All popular scales can be catered for.  Payments are in accordance with the methods described on the commission page and are subject to shipping and Paypal fees if applicable.


Price guide (Based on 15mm typical sizes):

SMALL -    approx 2cm square/FOW small (1 to 3 figures)


MEDIUM - Typical line infantry bases/FOW mediums (4-6 figures)


LARGE -    Artillery/command bases/ large FOW (Gun plus crew or up to 6 figures)


X-LARGE - Artillery limbers etc ( Up to 6 horse teams)