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Sascha Herm is a world class Miniature painter who makes extensive use of Tajima1 Miniatures tufts and other basing products. Tajima1 Miniatures are proud to sponsor Sascha's inspirational work. His beautiful miniatures and excellent use of our basing products really showcase what can be achieved. Click on the picture for a link to more of Saschas fantastic painting and excellent use of Tajima1 Miniatures tufts and other basing products.

You can find more information about Sascha Herm's miniatures at his Facebook page.


Another world class painter who makes extensive use of Tajima1 tufts and basing products is Rubén Torregrosa, aka Heresybrush from Finland. His painting technique exploits equisitely blended tones to produce really stunning visual effect. Check out his inspirational blog at  Rubén is also a regular contributor of articles and a reveiwer for

Rafa aka "Archiduque" is another great painter who loves Tajima1 products for his basing. Rafa is a regular painter for Perry Miniatures and has a wonderful body of work.

Expertly painted 20mm French Napoleonic Aide De Camp by French miniaturist Frederic  Subtle use of 1 large and 1 small green tuft to dress the base.


Remarkable 54mm Andrea Orc superbly painted by talented Russian artist Aleksandr Kursov AKA "Khorn". Image is courtesy of Alex showing our tufts used to dress the base. 

Excellent 15mm Fallschirmjager by Torbjörn Blom from Sweden. He has used a selection of tufts including Fuchsia bush, blue Heather and various grasses. He has a nice blog at:



Very nice 28mm Napoleonic Austrians by professional UK commission painter Robert Hornsby. Use of sections of Gorse Bush tufts and grasses.


The following 28mm Napoleonic images are courtesy of the very talented artist and wargames author Stephen Maughan. He makes extensive use of Tajima1 basing tufts within his highly imaginative and well executed dioramas and wargames bases.








The following images are wargames scenery created by John Phillips. More images can be found here

John has used both crop strips and segments of grass strips to create superbly realistic medieval farm scenes.



The following images are courtesy of Gordon Brown from Australia. He is a Model rail enthusiast and has incorporated many of our products in his impressive layout. You can see even more of his beautiful landscapes at

The following image is a beautifully painted and based set of Fantasy Knights (Knights of Dol Amroth from LOTR I think) by the painter "Brushstroke". He has used a nice selection of grass tuft types and Heather flower tufts to really enhance his excellent basing


The next picture was submitted by Gavin showing a nice real world, ground level perspective of his Railway layout.


The following image was supplied by Allan Downes who makes extraordinary architectural models. He has used XL green tufts, Wild grass tufts and Leafy strips to provide a superb degree of realism to his derelict engine house model. Allan sells his models and many more examples of his remarkable work can be seen at his website