Wargames Miniatures For Sale

All models and figures below professionally painted by Tajima1 Miniatures here in the UK


Shipping Fees: 

UK buyers - Shipping is FREE

Non UK International Buyers: A small extra charge is applied to offset cost of airmail shipping. Free shipping offers are not applicable to purchases of Miniatures.

Please message us for a Paypal invoice (including the TM code number) if you wish to purchase any of the items below, or buy instantly through Paypal using panels at bottom of the page. Non UK buyers can buy a shipping token for each set purchased.


Items currently for sale:


TM103 - 3 stand unit - Evil Men of the East - Red Robes. (1 set in stock) 

30 x 10mm Fantasy heavy infantry. Click on picture for more images. These are tajima1 Miniatures own sculpts which we cast ourselves in pewter. They are not available anywhere else and we do not sell them unpainted. Based on 2mm laser cut MDF bases (20mm x 40mm). Picture is representative. Each set will have very slight differences in posing of figures.

UK buyers price: £45

Non UK buyers price:  £50 


TM101 - 15mm Napoleonic French Legere (Light Infantry)

24 x AB 15mm French Legere. Based on 2cm x 4cm Laser cut MDF bases. Voltiguer skirmishers on 2cm x 2cm bases.

UK Buyers price: SOLD

Non UK buyers Price SOLD



TM102 15mm German Hummel platoon

3x Painted WW2 German Hummels 15cm Self Propelled Guns. Battlefront Miniatures.

UK Buyers Price: £90

Non UK Buyers Price: £95




TM100 - Flames of War 15mm Soviet infantry WW2. 

We are offering these painted and based metal FOW 15mm miniatures in several buying options. 2 team squads of Rif/MG teams and SMG teams and sets of 3x Command teams. We have a large number of completed stands in stock ready for immediate despatch.

With this system we can offer commission standard painted miniatures, without the need to lock into complex commission arrangements and without long waiting times before despatch. We plan to add further options in the near future. Please make purchases from the sales window below.

2 Team Rifle/MG Squad     £20                                                                                                      
2 Team SMG Squad          £20   
3 x Command Team set      £20   



UK FREE shipping!

Non UK buyers Worldwide: A Paypal shipping cost invoice will be sent after purchase is made. You can request a shipping quote prior to completing a purchase.

Shipping is based on actual package weight in line with standard Royal Mail airmail rates. Approx guide to shipping is below. Please note this is for guidance only, individual orders will be priced according to exact weight of package.

Number of Squads Airmail shipping rate
1 £5.00
2 - 5 £8.50
6 - 10 £12.00
11 - 15 £15.00
16 - 20 £17.00


Soviet WW2 15mm FOW Infantry
Soviet WW2 15mm FOW Infantry
Building large Soviet infantry forces can be very time comsuming. Tajima1 Miniatures have done all the hard work for you. Now you can buy our commission standard miniatures and build your Soviet forces without waiting on commission delays. We only sell what we have ready to go in stock.All metal miniatures- no plastic!
Soviet WW2 15mm FOW Infantry £20.00
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