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Flames of War Painting costs including standard basing as seen throughout the Gallery:


Cost of the actual unpainted Miniatures is not included!


Resin trucks/halftracks (eg Opel blitz 3T etc Kfz 7) £16
Small trucks motorcycle sidecars (eg Kfz 15 etc) £12.50
Small Jeeps (eg Kubelwagens) £10
Hvy Tanks and equivalent AFVs £22
Med Tanks and equivalent AFVs £20
Light Tanks/Half tracks/small AFVs/2 Horse Limbers and Wagons £18
Very Small Tanks/Tankettes/small Armored cars £12.50
Artillery gun large (88s etc) £15
Med Guns 10.5cm etc £10
Small Guns (Infantry,Mountain Guns etc) £7.5
Cavalry stand (4 mounted men) £18
(2 man cavalry stands) £10
Infantry stand med 4/5 figures based. HMG team etc £10**
Staff team/ Extra art crew resin bases £12
3 figure command stands based £7
2 Figure Observer stands based £5
Misc Individuals and artillery crew various  £2 
Objective markers Request Quote
Head swaps (brass pinning)

£1 per miniature



Other periods: Napoleonic, ACW etc


Infantry  ( 3 or more figures per base)                       £3 per figure
Cavalry ( 2 or more figures per base) £5 per figure
Artillery piece  £7.50
Limber 6 horse and drivers £25
Limber 4 Horse and drivers £20
Limber/Wagon etc 2 horse and driver £16





Mounted General (singly based)/ 2 figure infantry skirmish or command bases.£7. Other permutations by separate quote but largely based on the above numbers.

Pricing includes all preparation, painting, sealing and basing. Sealing is by durable gloss coat followed by very flat matt varnish coat.  Prices do not include the cost of actual miniatures. Figures are supplied by client or deposit funds sent to cover purchase of the raw miniatures.

Other Costs:

if you have any questions send me an email through the Enquiries or contact tabs to the left.

Clients can either send raw miniatures, or we can obtain them through UK retailers 


Postage is charged at actual cost. All postage must have full insurance. For high value shipments this must be by courier rather than standard airmail services.

**FOW: Infantry Camouflage will add between 15% to 25% based on complexity.


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