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Amazing tufts
Fantastic quality. i used the leafy grass tufts for a terrarium diorama i was building on a Gameboy shell. they are amazing and stick very well super easy to use.

very happy with my purchase which was done on eBay. i will be returning :)
Posted by Danny Johnson on 24 May 2020
Impressive Quality
I just received 5 boxes of various tufts and shrubs and after inspection these are absolutely top! I can't wait to include them in my future projects.
Thanks you!
Posted by USnTHEM on 12 May 2020
I have been using your wild green and small desert tufts for a while now and find them excellent for my purposes. Ive been building a couple of different armies using plastic figures (Perry & Victrix) so the tufts hide the bases well. I've just taken delivery of 4 more boxes of desert shrubs, I usually buy via eBay. I've now had a browse of your website and have spotted some other products that will also suit me so stand by for a further order soon. Many thanks for a great product. Regards, Andy
Posted by Andy Barnett on 25 July 2017
Hi Andy,
Thank you for your continued custom and the positive feedback. I Look forward to seeing you back again soon.
Posted by Martin on 25 July 2017
Reference information
Am a avid reader of Alistar Lee's e-mail's on model railroad. Just saw a video from "Dangerous Dave" (a long time annd very knowlegeable railroader), he was using your product and the video showed the box with the website address, So I'm now ordering the product for use on my Z-Scale layout. Hence the small size.
Looking forward to populating my landscape.
Larry O'Connor
Posted by Larry O'Connor on 10 May 2015
Superb Find
I don't know how I stumbled across your website but after ordering a couple of boxes I have found them absolutely amazing. I've started using the small green and assorted mixed moss tufts on a diorama and they really bring out the subject well. Exceptional service with a quick turnaround of my order was very pleasing. I will be using your products again in the future.
Posted by Richard Allen on 27 March 2015
Thanks for your positive feedback Richard. The moss blend is also my personal favourite.

Tajima1 Miniatures
Posted by Martin on 11 April 2015
Excellent Quality
Posted on 23 February 2015
Top Quality Grass Tufts
Posted on 13 January 2015
Excellent products
Posted on 14 August 2014
Posted on 12 May 2014
Great Product.
Posted on 09 December 2013
Grass products
Posted on 29 November 2013
Grass Tufts
Posted on 10 November 2013
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Landscape Grass
Posted on 09 May 2013
Posted on 18 February 2013
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Posted on 21 January 2013
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Great Talent !
Posted on 16 March 2012
Outstanding Commission Work!
Posted on 25 February 2012
Great Quality Work
Posted on 18 February 2012
Great tufts
Posted on 31 December 2011
Posted on 21 December 2011
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